With you, I walked among the trees
And learned to admire the forest leaves
Lying below a blanket of jewels
Content in denim soaked with dew
Pointing up in awe and wonder
You taught my spirit to explore and ponder

I carry this with me today

You gave me a ladder to climb ever higher
And higher, encouraged me still
Until on the roof I looked out at you
Cheering me from the sill

I carry this with me today

Watching your hands as they worked with metal
And steel and wood and stone
I began to decipher the origin of beauty
Forms not from method alone
It all begins where beauty stirs
That place within, and selfless urge
A reverence for crafted perfection
And joy found on the path to creation

I carry this with me today

A whiff of cedar and I travel then
To the clearing between the trees
Just before the sunlight ends
We’re gathering kindling…

Do you remember?
The rain of cedar embers?

I can taste the s’mores and feel the heat
Of the melted slab and fire at my feet

Oh, the laughing
And exchanging
Of those ever-
Impassioned stories

In that very special place
I hold my favorite memories
Where I Iearned that love and profundity
Are never found in material things

You taught me this way
And, I carry it with me today


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