When you know, know, know
In the depths of your soul
That feeling, so visceral
Elating or miserable
That shakes you awake
And long to take
Not one more step
On the path as it is

This is how you feel.
When you ignore the side trail
The one that leads you to
Star living in dew
On petals of roses and daisies and stems
Begging your mind to take it all in

And now a moment
To think for yourself
And all of the treasures
You left on the shelf

Don’t you ever dare say
“Stifle your passion,”
I heard it just now
But it won’t happen again

For what is the point
Of being alive
Than letting the depths
Of your humanity thrive?

Don’t ever
Or degrade
Your value
Never again
I can’t do this
Without you.

Passion, love
These are the gods
That stir me awake
And move through my blood
Spill through my mouth
And back in my eyes
Gushing out
From my voice to the skies


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