Reflections from my bubble

Living inside of a bubble, more-so than ever, I feel completely unsure of the experience others are having during this time. I’m sure it’s wildly different for all of us - some on the front lines of the most chaotic battle of their lives… others calling this period “the great pause…”

For me, it’s been something in between. Though I’ve barely left my home in months, this is perhaps the most chaotic and bustling time of my entire working life, which is saying a lot. It’s been hard to claim a moment of pause here and there.

Though I’m so fortunate to be in this beautiful place, happy, healthy, surrounded by love and support… it’s also been a very emotional time. My mind often wanders to the front lines and my heart aches for those in the midst of the battle. I feel for those struggling with the reality of our fragile economic structures, buckling under the weight of this tragedy.

Super late on Thursday night, I finally forced a pause at my piano in a half stupor, somewhere between awake and asleep. I pressed some keys and opened my mouth and this thing emerged. After waking the next day, I came to understand how I was truly feeling. Music is magic like that… Not only is it the universal language between humans of all cultures… it’s also a language I speak to myself. Maybe it’s that way for you too, or maybe it’s another art form or meditation or journaling that gives you the same feeling. I always emerge from creation having learned something important about myself, my needs… What are your methods?

Whatever your situation in these times, I hope you are able to claim moments of pause where you pick up the tools that allow you to speak to yourself. No matter what your brain says in the waking hour… help yourself recognize that we are living through an important moment of history and there is some wisdom to integrate so we can strive for a better future for ourselves, our families, our communities, our species, our world, and the generations to come.

Sending love from my little bubble.

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