Wind blasting my toes and cheeks
Hair tangling itself into a thousand impossible knots
Mouth stretched ear to ear
Eyes glistening
While squinting
Basking in the Sun

Or, behind the wheel
With a trunk full of all I own
Blazing a new trail
Down familiar highways
Seen now with new eyes
This time, the destination
A mystery
No planned vacation
Nothing with history
But an experience, an exploration
Of anything
That could be

Much like the steep hill that delivered us
Wherever ice and sled would have us go
What a thrill
To hit the pothole
Go swirling, now, down the hill

Or climbing that new tree
Up to the very top
Nearly dangling
While swaying
From delicate, tender limbs
To gaze out above the land
As if the only one who knew now
Its shape and colors and inhabitants
Who bustled here and there about
While serenely
Listening to the sounds
Warped by travel through the distance

This feeling
Care free?
But full of caring
Such that it forces a mind to pause
Dedicating each sense to the scene
Reverence, rather
Than care-free
This is what I am
Forever craving

Childlike wonder
Where does she wander?


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