Fling myself before the waves
As my home drifts off to sea
My mind travels to every place
Nooks and crannies, distant memories

O, to grow from a spark
To light up a night, paving way in dark

When’s the last time you used your voice?
I can hear it in the way it breaks
Try not to hold on so tight
To the anchor that keeps you from flight

For the past week, I’ve started a new ritual of sharing the sunrise with anyone who will join me. I, from the Cape Canaveral seashore behind my home, and they from their distant locations, connected through a social media live stream.

It has given me an added sense of purpose and a new, exciting way to start my day. I find such peace and solace in these waves and in the stunning beauty of the colors as our Star rises above the horizon and its photons scatter and diffract while traveling through the atmosphere to meet my eye. Something in me feels that it’s “important” to share this peaceful and fortunate experience with everyone.

Today, I awoke to clouds and the potential for rain. So, I took the opportunity to be still, read, then calmly listen to myself. And, then a thought formalized.

Our forced solitude has brought out in us a new-found reverence for human connection. It’s reignited our desires for community — remembering that we are, indeed, interconnected and interdependent in many ways.
I have loved watching people openly share what’s on their mind, openly calling out for a friend in a moment of need, showcasing the beauty of their art, their creations, their vulnerability in a way I’ve never seen. I hope that, when we emerge on the other side of this strange time, these good habits remain. Let’s work hard not to forget.

For some of you, this is a quiet and lonely time. For others, it’s busier than ever. Some of you have roommates, families, pets, and are still required to accomplish your work online. This new life looks different for all of us. Regardless, I think all of us are signing up for webinars, joining live streams, engaging in chats, and doing whatever we can to remain connected to our fellow humans in a new way. This is a very good thing.

But, let’s take time today to step back, to pause, to be still.

If you live with others, try to find a quiet place where you can hear your own thoughts if just for a few minutes.

These moments of pause are precious. When I take the time for them, I always find that there’s some bit of wisdom that I gained from my recent experiences… but, that wisdom only gets integrated into my life if I take time to listen with that intention.
I’m wishing you all the very best today. ❤️


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