I’m so fortunate to live on the Space Coast, on the edge of the ocean.

I feel like I live literally, on the “Shores of the Cosmic Ocean.” After all, I refer to Cape Canaveral as “The Portal to the Cosmos.” I walk outside, look left, and I see the future rising. Massive launchpads are being constructed, and rockets are launching almost once a week. Since the pandemic began, I began a new ritual of looking to that hopeful future by stepping outside onto the shore. I spend some time there, live-streaming the waves for all who can’t be near them. Along with this ritual came another: I’ve started writing poetry as I gaze at the waves and the launchpads. Sometimes, when I return to my apartment, I’m so inspired to create that I put music to the feeling. Here’s today’s creation:

Sometimes, I want to open my portal
And welcome you in

Sometimes, I want to open a portal
And place my foot in

Take a trip to the Gothic Cathedral
Fill every crevice and corner with vocal

Is there more to it
Than sharing existence
Its majesty and magic
Beheld and experience

Is there more to it
Than hear all the music
That stirs deep within you
Building cathedrals

Standing on shoulders
And lending your own
What beauty, creation
We couldn’t know

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