Waves crashing
Crests reaching new heights
Friction I’m grateful for
Lights reflecting
Shadows pronouncing
Forces pressing, shaping
Blue to pastel. Shapes of white.
New life emerging
Red is grey and yellow white
Rapid shapeshifting
But we decide which is right?
And which is an illusion
Nothing black and white
Weave our way through meaning
Observing, wading
Flow, both imperception and firm touch
Total surrender
What is, what isn’t, the future, the present
Eyes, time, dilating
Connection, sync, deeply sharing
Pausing, staring, lights twinkling
Synapses firing moments embedding
Particles wash over, static patterns
Songs forming, repeating, breathing
Embracing the dance
Oh, to savor
Oh, to linger
Taking in, giving back
Fires burning, uniting, untying
Release in flight, falling into sunlight
Transporting, transcending
Gifting eyes
For the first time
No words
Rocket fire, orange imagination
Ascending, so tall
As close when separate
Thunderous, proclaiming
Quantum leaping
Lights fading
Purple explosions
Light returns
To emotion
Warmth, enveloped
Your pictures, my heart


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