I’ll never forget that feeling
Just to the right of the Walnut tree
Left of the cabin
Forest at my feet
Eyes ablaze
In wondrous haze
There she was

Oh, beauty
What beauty
“Milky Way”

Dense and thick
As the atmosphere
Filling my palms and
Jeans with moisture

Milky white
The term was right
“How many stars?”
I asked that night

“The heavens,”
I wouldn’t soon forget
But the journey’d be long
To know her again

Hopping off the ledge of the bus
I looked up and there she was
“I’d almost forgotten,”
How can it be?
When she’s there all along
Staring back at me

I’m not sure why then
She beckons me
Again and again

“Come home,”
I hear
“Come back”
It’s clear

But, is it the call of ancient time?
Or is it a call to the child of nine
Begging me back to a moment of awe?
Or was she calling to me all along?

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