Streamers of fire
Stretch their fingers across the sky
My eyes follow their path and dance
Across the forever sea of horizon

Wings spread on forever
Floating on invisible waves
Gliding across my panorama
Roll over my mind as I gaze

More stars than grains of sand
Our very own, but grain
Yet, of my existence
It feels as everything

Forged in their hearts
They called me out
Beckoning, teasing
As they do now
Calling ever after me
…I hear, I see

Oh, sweet flow
To let it go
Wash away my mind
For what beauty
Couldn’t see
What new treasures, find

The shadow of my pen
Tells the Sun’s direction
Circumference of the Earth
Where I’d been given birth

What else do you say?
Do you wish to speak?
My hand jitters across the page
Ever intently
What else do you wish to say?


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