Just as the astronauts experience, first-hand
The vivid frailty of our land
Made obvious by the harsh backdrop of space
In which our beautiful, blue oasis lays
That frailty creating within the beholder’s eye
A new-found reverence for our planet and its life
And here we are experiencing the same
From within our atmosphere, COVID its name
The frailty of human life rings clear
Nothing is guaranteed and this can conjure fear
But fear is not our solution
Rather, a force that drives resolution
Do we recognize the reality before us?
Are we integrating the lessons that will carry us forward?
Like the astronaut falling in love
With a frail planet, from the vantage point above
New-found determination to return and protect
Driven by that intense love for the planet
Can we, too, look to our frail lives
With new reverence, gratitude, and fiercely strive
To preserve, protect, and even thrive
So we may, again, feel fully alive?

Poetry Space

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