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MaryLiz Bender

I’m a futurist composer and experiential storyteller who unites communities of artists, scientists, explorers, and philosophers to tell powerful stories and create transformative experiences.

I co-founded Cosmic Perspective to connect people to space through story, film, and outreach. I’m passionate about elevating the humans of space exploration and sharing their stories through our podcast and immersive presentations.

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How will we take the universal language of music with us to the stars? For years, I’ve been tantalized by this question and working with new technologies to explore its answers. Given the unique environment provided in space travel, the constraints can also lead to creative, new ways that we can connect with ourselves, our humanity, each other, and the Universe.

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Fire Dance

I pour the ocean in my cup Sip by sip, I drink it up Fire warping, ever-stretching Its fingers through the distance



Wind blasting my toes and cheeks Hair tangling itself into a thousand impossible knots Mouth stretched ear to ear Eyes glistening While squinting...

Hubble Ultra Deep Field image

Darkness Calling

But, we cannot know What we will not see And so, must go To darkness calling

Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury’s Daily Bread

Ray Bradbury's speech lights a fire in my heart like no one else. It burns so intensely, I feel I have time-traveled to...

MaryLiz Bender music gloves demo

Taking music to space

How will we take our humanity with us as we venture further out into space? How can we bring an entire orchestra on...

Astronaut Charlie Bolden

Interview with Charlie Bolden, former astronaut and NASA Administrator

Today was extra-special as I interviewed former astronaut and NASA Administrator, Charlie Bolden, about his inspiring life journey, the profound experiences he had...