Every day toil
Burn, burn, burn
The midnight oil
Ending some days
With crystalline clarity
Rise some mornings
To confusing reality
Dreaming, every dreaming
Of a world more full of beauty
No common thought of gain
Or tricks for frivolous games
Awaken some days still
To thoughts against my will
Some days to strengthen
Others, they weaken
Over time, the foundation
Crumbling, cracking open

And my self grows hallow
Then filled with its shadow
Circling around my home
In search of tools I do not own
And silently fantasizing
Of what else could be done with me

Ssshh, don’t speak your true words
So they may never be heard
Then shut out the truth
Of how many must feel
Suppressing and regressing
Put a stop to the growing
For never fully knowing
What parts must die away
And rebirth us to new day
Leave the shadow to stagnate

No. No.
This is not my choice
I pause. Listen.
Await the inner voice
Breath, body
Relaxing back into me
I’m alive. I’m alive.
Stronger now
Than ever could be


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