Remember those creatures?
Beautiful humans
Each a portal
To unknown universe
Connecting forever
To infinite more
Each with a story
Deep, vast, to explore

Without their eye
Speaking to mind
Who would proclaim
What beauty to find?

Nature left
To roam

No lover for her
To gather the choir
Sing her praises
Pause to admire
No artist to sweep
Bristles to canvas
Filling the void
With colors of vibrance

Who to tell the story of life?
Of falling in love
With Sun and Moonlight
Reflecting on crests
And each grain of sand
Hundreds of stars
Held in a hand

What of the beauty
We’ve yet to know
On far-off worlds
Where someday we’ll go?
What new colors
And light and vibrance
Might ignite
The fire inside us?

Give me that love
And beauty and passion
And yes, all the chaos
And strife that comes with it
Worth every drop
Of Sun on the face
Of the smiling woman
Enveloped in her grace.


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